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What makes music great in the world? A guide for audience active engagement projects

What makes music great in the world? A guide for audience active engagement projects

Cyprus Centre for the Research and Study of Music

online, Cyprus



Learning aims

By the completion of the webinar the audience should: understand the role of active listening and active listener as central in the musical performance and the existing problem in audience development in Europe and neighboring countries; advocate in favor of the need to employ active listening strategies through innovative projects and methodologies in order to increase the audience interest and participation to musical events of European art music;

illustrates step-by-step approaches in building non-musician strong listeners for their repertoire;

assist non musician young audiences, children, youth and inexperienced listeners to access the inter-sonic meanings that the composer aimed for during the compositional process and develop meanings of personal relevance and identification;

employ relevant ways for each audience population in order to assist them to actively engaged with musical works and musical processes in order to develop more relevant and meaningful relationships with the composer and the performer(s);

assist different audience population to increase their sensitivity and clarified response to musical compositions and their intrinsic appreciation to the works, the performer’s interpretation and composer’s creativity;

design and develop educational programmes, concert lectures and activities for the accomplishment of the previous aims.

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