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“Starting Your Cooperation Project” workshop

“Starting Your Cooperation Project” workshop

Live DMA (European Network for Music Venues and Festivals)

Cesis, Latvia

“Starting Your Cooperation Project” workshop

Building an association / federation / union of music professionals

September 4-8, 2017

Cesis, Latvia

Key words: advocacy, representative organisations, sector’s structuration, project management, networking

You and your peers face similar challenges at regional, national or European level? You want to come together and cooperate to find solutions to common problems? The European Music Council (EMC) and Live DMA (European Network for Music Venues and Festivals), in cooperation with the Latvian Music Council, are proposing a 5-day seminar to help you develop your own cooperation project and network of music professionals.

Our aim is to help structure the music sector in every European country. Over the long term, this will help improve conditions for music professionals from local to European level, develop a vibrant European music scene, and grow audiences both locally and internationally.

Cesis Concert Hall It is essential to attend the entire seminar (from Monday to Friday) as the programme uses a progressive approach to building each participant’s project. The group (30 max) will be guided through key topics by experts. Learning will be extended through project presentations, group workshops and one-to-one guidance. Participants must show strong motivation and be ready to actively contribute. They will arrive with a draft idea of their project and leave with a clear action plan to share with future partners. We suggest that participants attend as a pair to facilitate the work process. However, this is not obligatory.


The programme involves two types of session:

INPUT SESSIONS are theory or practice presentations that will provide all the information required to help you with your project. They will inspire and bring fresh perspectives. Speakers from all over Europe will share their stories, give you tips and give your project the final polish.

INTERACTIVE SESSIONS are work-in-progress periods dedicated to your project, from the identification of your challenges to shaping a methodology for the next steps. You will share your concerns and find solutions collectively with the rest of the participants under the supervision of experienced trainers.

Day 1 – INTRODUCTION Participants get to know each other first through a short visit of Riga, after which they head to Cesis by bus. The mentoring team presents the seminar programme and facilities. Participants introduce themselves and present their project and objectives for the week. This phase is very important to help identify each participant, learn about the different projects and lay the foundations for the work week.

Day 2 – EXPLORATION Here we identify the issues or challenges participants currently face and find solutions for overcoming them through the cooperation process. Different examples of cooperation projects are presented so that participants can reconsider or confirm ideas for their own project.

Day 3 – PROBLEM-SOLVING Participants receive concrete training and methodology for two very common issues that arise when building a network or starting a cooperation process: collecting data and opening a dialogue with public authorities. We examine two case studies from the group to bring in new perspectives.

Day 4 – ACTION PLAN It is time to formalise the work, build a governance plan and a business model. This step is fundamental for giving the participants the ability to succeed with their project. The project takes shape based on the strengths and constraints identified earlier in the week. We explore all kinds of possibilities to adapt the format, content and purpose and make them match as efficiently as possible.

Day 5 – WHAT’S NEXT? Before returning to Riga and their respective destinations, participants share one last workshop to evaluate themselves and produce something they can take home that reflects the evolution of their project during the week. A group feedback session is held where we guide participants in taking this work back to staff and partners at home, and list the resources and support needed to continue the work.

SPEAKERS: coming soon…



Participants’ profiles: The workshop is meant for people already working. A special preference goes to Eastern European applicants. There is no age limit. Fee: For participants officially delegated by one of the STAMP partners the participation fee is free, travel up to 275 € will be reimbursed. Hotel and meals are included. Participants from outside the partnership the fee is 350 €/ person (includes meals and hotel). Registration: By clicking on this link, you will find the registration form for the seminar in Cesis.

extended Registration until 18th of August, 2017! Careful! This seminar is not… A PIECEMEAL MENU: you can’t just grab one, two, or even half of the activities. The seminar is meaningful only if you follow it from A to Z.

A CREATIVE EUROPE APPLICATIONS TRAINING: European funds are a good way (but not the only way) to support your cooperation project and we will provide information about them, but this seminar is not about gaining in-depth or specific knowledge about the application process.

In case of any questions, please contact Audrey Guerre at

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