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“PROmote!” workshop

“PROmote!” workshop

EMCY (European Union of Music Competitions for Youth)

Zagreb, Croatia

The European Union of Music Competitions for Youth (EMCY) and UNISON would like to invite you to the workshop PROmote! in Zagreb, Croatia, from 29th September (arrival morning) to 1st October 2017, (departure afternoon/evening).

Topic workshop

Hands-on Workshop on how to stir interest of the young generation in music events & live concerts

First brainstorming for the development of guidelines for audience development (departing from the topic of this workshop)

The aim will be to find young and new audiences for your project/concert!

In this workshop you get a hands-on training! How?

The workshop offers you Or To bring your own project/concert/case study you want to promote Or you work on promoting the prize winners concert of the National Competition UNISON with the Symphony Orchestra that will take place 1 month after the workshop, on 26th October 2017.

You can follow it in live-stream and see if your work was a success!

Or you work on promoting the concert of the international master class on contemporary music with the famous ENSEMBLE MODERN: Epoche f international!

Its concerts will take place in Aarhus, Denmark (capital of culture) on 19th October and in Bratislava, Slovakia on 21st October 2017 Goal?

Well promoted projects! Sold out concerts!

Develop ideas on guidelines for audience development

Main focus

Keynote speeches and hands-on training by an expert in Public Relations in social media and beyond.

Extend your knowledge about the interactive behaviour of the young generation in social media.

Please find below the draft schedule.

Target participants

Music professionals (managers/organisers) of all ages

Cost 280 Euro for accommodation and meals

Below you find information about accommodation, travel and transfers

Extended deadline for registration: 18th August

Registration by clicking the following link

Accommodation: Hotel International, Zagreb

Travel: Flights to Zagreb

Transfer from/to the airport to the hotel will be organised

Draft schedule


Short key notes about digital outreach, PR, interacting with young audiences (audience communication) by PR-expert Input about Croatian reality by Croatian expert

Description of the challenge of the task

First brain storming of participants, division in groups


Brainstorming participants

Definition of the concrete task & goal

Development of strategy of single groups

Start of implementation


Implementation of the detailed plans

Presentation of the groups to each other, feedback round

Determination of the structure & format of guidelines, intellectual and practical output

The Workshop will be held by the PR expert Irma de Jong and will be enriched by further contributions.

For questions:

Sophie Duhnkrack, EMCY,

Sanda Vojkovic, UNISON,

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