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Cooperation and Networking

Cooperation and Networking

Cyprus Centre for the Research and Study of Music

online, Cyprus



Learning aims

By the end of the webinar the audience will: gain a structured insight on international cooperation and networking in the European context.

More specifically they will understand International networking in and outside of one’s own sector; acquire cooperation methods specific to international and transcultural work Cooperating with people and organization* in other countries is easier than ever, with digital communication tools that allow easy contact, world-wide exchange and search of information and contacts, collaborative work distribution and implementation, etc. Easier than ever… really?

Discuss the basic challenges of intercultural work and networking the similarities and changes, the solutions and further issues raised by this new technical environment fully grasp the benefits of cooperation at the European level and value in a deeper level that finding, networking and finally working with partners from other countries carry specific challenges.

Illustrate the benefits and challenges of European cooperation and networking, sharing good practices, tips and tricks.

Become familiar with different experiences developed in the Eastern part of Europe over the years, and the specific challenges and solutions linked with working with and from these cultural spheres.

Learn about the specific challenges of intercultural work and networking.

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